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Welcome to Tuckmans Red and Whites where we offer you training in dog obedience for those who desire good house pets or those who are looking to advance in the obedience ring.


Sandy and Tucker participates in his first AKC Open trial at Fox Valley Dog Training Club, November 2010.

Sandy and Holly prepare for her turn in the ring for Holly's final Graduate Novice leg at the International Kennel Club, McCormick Place, Chicago Illinois - February, 2011

Sandy and Dexter in the ring at AKC Rally National Competition in Tulsa Oklahoma - March, 2013
Tuckmans Red and Whites is owned and operated by Sandy Davis.  Sandy began training dogs in 2002. Through her association with a local AKC obedience Club (Fox Valley Dog Training Club), she has volunteered her time instructing Beginners, Advance Beginners and Canine Good Citizen Classes. Since June 2006, Sandy has placed 13 AKC titles on three of her dogs and 1 AKC title on a dog that she does not own. This include 79 qualifying scores with 15 First Place finishes, 11 Second Place finishes, 9 Third Place finishes and 1 High in Trial. In 2013, Sandy and her 20 month old Brittany, Dexter, earned an invite to AKC's National Rally Competition and placed 47th out of 100 entries .  
Holly & Sandy in the obedience ring for the first time with
AKC Judge Robert Self Jr. June, 2006

In addition to her own dogs, Sandy has shown dogs that are owned by others but were not able to title. On February 21, 2009, Sandy competed at the International Kennel Club show
at McCormick Place, Chicago; with Sophie (Sophia Desimone CD RE), a Standard Black Poodle. Sophie earned her CD
(Companion Dog Title) at the event. Her owner was able to placed one leg towards Sophie's CD title but could not finish. (Sandy earned Sophia's 2nd leg at Northwest Kennel Club in Cary Illinois in December 2008.) Sophie started her training
not with Sandy as her handler but as her instructor through
Sandy's Rally Classes. 

Three of Sandy's dogs have earned Canine Good Citizen certificates from AKC; two are certified as therapy dogs with Therapy Dog International, Inc. Sandy's dog Holly was awarded the American Kennel Club ACE Honorable Mention Award (Award for Canine Excellence in 2006 for her work at the local fire 

department. In 2007, Sandy started the Canine Academy for those who are interested in pursuing AKC Rally Events in addition to private obedience lessons. 

After nearly two years of planning, Sandy was "officially" given the position as Program Coordinator for Delnor Community Hospital's Dog Rx program in January 2008. She has also helped to change the IDPH Therapy Dog in Hospital Settings in August, 2008 (Illinois Department of Public Health).

Holly & Sandy have their photo taken during the 2004 Seawitch Festival. holly was one of the "Big Dog" winners. The photo, along with an interview with Sandy, appeared in the Delaware State News newspaper. 

Holly & Tucker had their photo taken during the 2005 Seawitch Festival at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was also Tucker's first visit to the beach and his first "dress-up". 
Holly & Tucker participating in the Seawitch Festival at Rehoboth Beach Delaware, 2006. The photo is from the front page of the Cape Gazette Newspaper, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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